Grotto SUP Tours Lagos, Algarve (SUP Rental & Lessons)

+ Paddleboarding is easy and fun for all ages and fitness levels
+ SUP tour to the grotto caves of Lagos (much better then Benagil)
+ Sport, fitness and SUP holidays in the Algarve all rolled into one
+ Unique way to explore the picturesque coast around Lagos
+ VDWS certified SUP guides and SUP instructors
+ Small group lessons and individual customised Instructions

Why walk on the water if you can glide across the crystal clear surface of the ocean with the smooth, flowing elegance of a SUP surfer?

Our SUP lessons and tours take you on a hike along the picturesque coastline of Lagos and the Algarve – only that this hike takes place on the water, opening a unique perspective. No matter what’s your age, no matter what’s your fitness level: This tour will be one of the first things you’ll remember about your vacation in beautiful Lagos!

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Paddleboard Lessons & Guides

Every SUP Tour includes:

  • Experienced guides
  • All equipment: Board & paddle & wetsuit if desired.
  • Lifejackets
  • Tuition & Guiding
  • High-quality photos of the tour
  • Pick up and drop off in the Burgau/Luz/Lagos or area

* Pickups in the Sagres area and other places in Algarve are available on request.

SUP Grotto and secret Beach Tour Lagos (Much better then Benagil)

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  • Arguably the singlemost impressive SUP tour you can do in Portugal. While all the mainstream tourists go to the Benagil caves the true connoisseurs come to discover our secret grottoes in lagos – much better and less crowded then Benagil. The dramatic cliffs, pinnacles, hidden beaches and grotto caves around Lagos are as scenic as it gets. We have an early bird approach: The golden light just after sunrise is magic, and there’s minimal crowds. On demand we also offer a sunset tour, but only if there’s not too much wind in the afternoon.
    Starts at 8AM. The meeting point is D. Ana Beach in Lagos or we can arrange to pick you up at your hotel.
    Price 50€ per person / 2 hours SUP tour & tuition


Secret Caves Tour

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This tour takes you to a beach in the Costa Vicentina natural park where amazing caves can be explored on top of the paddleboard. The tour takes us along the coastline and explores grottoes, caves, huge cliffs and beautiful rock formations that are almost as beautiful as the ones around Praia D. Ana, Praia do Camilo and Ponta da Piedade in Lagos.

Price € 50 per person / 2 hours paddle & tuition

SUP Lake Tour

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Barragem de Bravura is the name of the beautiful lake we will do this unique SUP tour at. The calm and clear freshwater lake is the perfect spot for Stand-Up-Paddle beginners, families with kids and people that do not feel comfortable in the open sea. Once you feel confident with your paddling skills you will realize the stunning nature around you. This tour lets you explore the green heart of the Algarve while getting a good workout for your whole body.

Price 50€ p.p. / min. 3 ppl / 2 hours paddle & tuition

SUP River Tour

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On this tour we will head to the beautiful Rio de Aljesur where we will start the tour in the green and flourishing nature. Paddling along that river is a great way to start with Stand-Up-Paddle boarding as there are no waves at all and the water is nice and clear. If we are lucky and the conditions allow it we can even try our skills in tiny waves close to the shore at the river mouth or we have the possibility to play around a bit trying some SUP-Yoga or just jumping into the refreshing water.

Price 65€ p.p. / min. of 3 ppl / 3 h paddle & tuition

Special & Custom SUP Tours

  • SUP-Yoga with our experienced Yoga and SUP instructor. (Location is depending on the weather conditions)
    Price 70€ per person / 2 hours paddle & tuition
  • Your very own private SUP lesson & introduction to really learn the sport
    Price 135€ for 1 or 2 persons / 2 hours on the water
  • Depending on the conditions (waves, wind, etc.)  we also offer tours and lessons at the following beaches: Burgau, Praia das Cabanas Velhas, Salema, Zavial, Mareta

* We can organise custom events or tours for you. Just drop us a line or give us a ring.

SUP Grotto Tour

SUP Lake Tour

Meet the Team

Any questions…?

Even in the morning you do need to apply sunscreen and wear a hat or cap. Make sure to wear cloths that can get wet as you might have a little dip in the water. Maybe on purpose – maybe not 😉
Yes, even though we do have life vests you should know how to swim. No need to swim like Michael Phelps but being able to comfortably keep your head above the surface is a must.
We decided to work with SUP Boards from the brand Fanatic, simply because the quality is very convincing. We also rely on the same company (Boards & More) for our kitesurfing equipment – North Kiteboarding.
Unfortunately technology has not reached the level where we can provide our instructors with a waterproof card reader so please bring the amount you have to pay in cash. The instructors do have a little bit of change but exact payments are highly appreciated.
You will get a Dropbox link via email. Just tell your instructor your address and you will get your pictures usually within a week. If not feel free to contact us.
Nope – they are all awesome! 😉

We are a Registered Activity Provider: Empresa de Animação Turística Alvará Nº: 323/2017

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