Surf Lesson Algarve

+ ASI Certified surf schools
+ Professional, friendly surf instructors
+ South coast & West coast surf options
+ Great variety of waves for beginners and advanced surfers
+ Year-round surf quality & consistency
+ Laid-back surf camp vibe

The best surfer is the surfer having the most fun.
If you agree, this is the place to be.

Whatever size the waves are, wherever they come from, whatever the wind is doing and wherever the sandbars sit just right: With 2 different coastlines and dozends of surfspots just a short drive away it’s virtually guaranteed that it’s gonna be a great day of surf!

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Kite Lessons


Trying to explain color to a blind person and trying to explain surfing to somebody who’s never surfed is very similar, as Dave Rastovich once said. You can talk for days without hitting the mark. Let’s say, and sorry for the language here: Surfing is f*&!?$§ amazing. Our surf lessons teach you everything it takes to actually feel it. Professional, safe, and as fun as it gets.

SUP Tours


Riding a surfboard is great. Squeezing a surfboard into a crowded subway on your way to the airport where you have to pay quite a bit of money to get it on the plane is not so great. That’s why we rent out a nice range of surfboards, for a price that won’t spoil your stoke. As an option you can rent a surfboard, jump on the van of a surfschool, and ride where they drop you: At the beach that works best for the conditions of the day.



What’s even better than having dozends of great surf spots just around the corner? Having a laid-back local who drives you to the one that works best for the particular conditions of the day – and who drives your tired ass back after yet another epic session! Good waves require proper skills, so you should be familiar with the lineup ettiquette and know your way down a powerful, clean line.

Prices Surf Lessons

1 day 3 days 5 days 1 day ride & rent 1 day transport
October to May 60€ 165€ 250€ 45€ 28€
June to Sept. 70€ 195€ 260€ n/a n/a

What’s Included?

  • Full morning of surfing
  • Certified surf instructor
  • Surf equipment
  • Max. 8 people per surf instructor
  • Transport to and from the best-working surf spots of the day
  • Healthy lunch pack and water

Prices Private Surf Lessons

  1 person 2 ppl 3 ppl 4 ppl 5 ppl
1 lesson 110€ 160€ 210€ 260€ 300€
2 lesson 220€ 320€ 420€ 520€ 600€
3 lesson 300€ 450€ 600€ 750€ 870€
4 lesson 400€ 600€ 800€ 1000€ 1160€
5 lesson 450€ 700€ 950€ 1200€ 1400€
Extra lesson 90€ 140€ 190€ 240€ 280€

What’s Included?

  • 2 hour lesson with a qualified surf coach
  • Structured program designed to maximise your surfing skills
  • All the equipment needed

Surf spots south West Algarve

When it’s onshore on one side, it’s off-shore on the other. When it’s maxing out on one side, it’s fun-sized on the other. And here’s the best part: When you’re on one side, you can be on the other side in 20 minutes, or less.
These geographical features combined with a multitude of beaches, reefs and points that offer everything from mellow longboard peelers to fast and furious barrels makes the South West Algarve a surfer’s dream. No matter if you want to learn surfing, if you’re an eager intermediate or if you’re an old salt dog – chances are high you’ll have a great session on most days of the year. Down here in Algarve, we use the term “flat” way more often to describe the quality of a beer than as a reference to the surface structure of the ocean. Last but not least, the mild climate in this corner of Portugal allows you to surf pumping winter swells in spring-like temperatures.

We are a Registered Activity Provider: Empresa de Animação Turística Alvará Nº: 323/2017

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