Allround Protection in Watersports for

  • windsurfer and SUP
  • kiteboarder and snowkiter
  • dinghy and catamaran sailors

A SafetyTool insurance package costs only 39 Euros a year incl. worldwide

  • Comprehensive cover for rented equipment
  • Third party liability insurance, insured sum 3.000.000 Euros lump for physical injury/property
  • Damage
  • Accident Insurance

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1. Comprehensive insurance (damage to rented equipment)

Covered is damage or destruction of windsurfing, kitesurfing, snowkiting, wave surfing, and SUP equipment, sailingboats/catamarans or motor boats up to 45 kW (60 HP) of up to 15 meters in length that have been rented from a commercial renter or provided as part of an all-inclusive holiday, used exclusively for private purposes. The insurance sum is € 1,500 per insurance year. Deliberate damage is excluded, as are damages caused by theft and loss.
Deductible (excess) per incident: generally € 50, sailing/motor boat € 100.

2. Third-party liability insurance

Insured sum € 3,000,000 lump for physical injury/property damage.
Insured is the third party liability of the applicant for the sports listed below. This insurance covers only private use, including regatta risk.

Windsurfing/kitesurfing/snowkiting/wave surfing/SUP third party liability:
legal third party liability from ownership, possession and use of own and third party windsurfing, wave surfing, SUP, kitesurfing and snowkiting equipment.

Skipper’s third party liability:
from the possession and use of a chartered/rented sailing boat/catamaran with or without an auxiliary engine or motorboats up to 45 kW (60 HP), without a professional crew, solely for private use, for vessels up to a length of
15 meters.

3. Accident Insurance

€ 16,000 disability (Children € 21,000)
€ 3,000 in event of death
€ 5,000 recovery/rescue costs
€ 2,500 health cure allowance
€ 6 hospital per-diem benefit/convalescence allowance

The insurance protection covers all accidents suffered by the applicant in causal relation to the use of windsurfing, kitesurfing, snowkiting, wave surfing and SUP equipment and sailing boats/catamarans or motorboats up to
45 kW (60 HP)

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